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Why Tag My Resources
on AWS?

Although tagging may not seem like the most direct means of saving money, properly implemented tags can and WILL help you optimize expenses and improve the ROI of your cloud deployments.

The Larger Your Deployments,
The More Painful It Can Get!

It is not surprising that as cloud deployments get larger and more complex, companies often struggle to manage the increasing amounts of deployed resources that are constantly moving and evolving. Keeping track of these resources, often shared between multiple teams, can easily become cumbersome! Tags provide teams with the necessary visibility to monitor their AWS resources and scale deployments without having to worry about losing track of their cloud costs.

Your tags
at a glance.

Get a simple dashboard overview of your AWS instances resource tags. Easily check, manage and update your tags. Discover opportunities to rationalize your tagging to support reporting and your business requirements.

Smart Dashboard AWS tags
AI/ML suggestions AWS Tagging resources Dashboard

AI Powered smart
tagging suggestions.

Tagbot's powerful AI automatically suggests the best tags to help better manage your AWS resources. Save time by letting Tagbot recommend up to date tags to keep your AWS cloud clean.

AI/ML suggestions AWS Tagging resources Dashboard


While AWS tags and the ability to use them are easily available, there has been virtually no simple, cost-effective solution to ensure that tags are being used effectively and most importantly, consistently! Tagbot answers the need as the only affordable, simple-to-use, and effective solution to maximizing the usage and utility of your AWS infrastructure tags.


Tagbot is the only simple, purpose-built tool...

To provide the visibility and easy remediation to ensure effective tagging in your AWS environment.

Tagbot’s AI engine helps ensure your tags remain clean and consistent over time.

Supporting your compliance, governance, cost allocation and infrastructure automation efforts.

Tagbot’s dashboard provides a straightforward, easy-to-use consolidated view...

To chart your tagging coverage and progress over time.

Only $19.99 Per Month

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